Our kitchen project is completed!!

I have attached some pictures showing the project at its various phases. Your product REALLY was very easy to work with. The walls went up soooo easily. My husband and I did all the cutting for our inserts using our skill saw with a diamond blade. We followed your suggestion to use our handheld sheetrock saw to smooth down the edges where needed. We used vertical supports to join each pair of panels together, and these also provided support for the heavy granite countertop. It was probably overkill, but actually was much easier to drill the panels straight into the vertical supports instead of trying to toenail them in. And our countertop installer was happy to see all the ample support.

We put ledger stone on the two front walls and one of the back walls (the one facing our backyard). That was the hardest part of the job–cutting and fitting all of the rock. We had extra cement panels left over, so we decided to make a fancy back wall on the 12 foot long wall behind the grill. After we put up the backsplash tile, both my husband and I agreed that the pattern of the backsplash clashes with the pattern of the rock on the bottom of the kitchen under the granite countertop. We are going to leave it for now to see if it grows on us…but we may end up taking it off and putting up some other tile instead (I don’t look forward to that).

After a few weekends of work, we have a really professional looking final product. We LOVE our outdoor kitchen!! It went together just as easily as you had said it would. Thank you so much.

– Sandy Paskins